Your Journey to Take Back Control of Your life and Become the Woman You Want to Be Starts Here


Even if you’ve hit rock bottom. Even if you don’t have a damn clue how to start and you’re afraid. Even if you’ve tried before and you’re still stuck living a life where no one cares about what YOU want.
For 22 years, I was married to a man I had fallen out of love with. 

Instead of feeling confident in who I was, I married someone to feel safe. 

I did everything you’re supposed to do to feel happy and fulfilled in life. Marriage? Check. Kids? Check. Successful job? Check. 

You see, I’d grown up in a family where you were expected to be tough. Raised by a father who desperately wanted a boy and a narcissistic mother who was emotionally abusive, I was terrified I’d never find anyone to love me. 

So I settled. 

But inside, I realized it was all bullshit. This life I’d created wasn’t what I wanted.  

And I began to question everything. 

Denial is a sneaky thing. It creeps up on you, causing you to lie to yourself. Creating stories about how you should be grateful for what you have, even if it makes you unhappy. What should a successful entrepreneur and mother like you have to feel sad about anyway?

I’d put everyone else’s needs and desires above mine for years. I’d followed all the rules society dictated. 

Wishing and hoping this would make me happy. But it didn’t.

Not only was I mentally drained, but the stress was making me physically ill too. 

I felt like I was wasting my life. I wasn’t living up to my potential or my true purpose. But, as a  therapist, I knew there was a way out of that state of mind. And, I grasped it. And I’m about to show you exactly how…

But first, maybe you’ve felt that too?     

  • You feel disconnected from yourself. There's the "real" you deep down, but you're afraid to show her. For so long you've felt you had to hide who you really are and it's exhausting. You're ready to step into your authentic self, stop the people pleasing, heal, and live life fully.
  • You struggle to get out of bed in the morning - your sleep is terrible, you’re unmotivated, and you need copious amounts of coffee just to get you and the kids out the door.  
  • You fell out of love with your career years ago - it’s unfulfilling, and you feel like you’re missing out on your true calling. Not that you even know what that is. You’re on autopilot, just going through the motions and longing for your next vacation.
  • When you get home, you’re tired and stressed. Cooking is the last thing on your mind, but it falls to you yet again. You reach for the wine to unwind and distract yourself with the latest series on Netflix combined with some mindless eating.
  • You feel disconnected from your partner, friends, even family. You feel alone in your own life. Sometimes you think about leaving and starting again, but what would other people think? Letting people down makes you feel sick to your stomach.
  • Lying awake at night, you wonder how you ever got here - every day feels like Groundhog Day. When did life become like this? Sometimes when you’re staring at the ceiling while the rest of the house sleeps, you dream about what life could be like. 

But it’s not your fault. 

You’ve spent your life listening to people tell you how you’ve got to put other people first. Following archaic rules that just aren’t relevant anymore. It’s time to stop blaming yourself and let go of the guilt, denial and frustration at choices you made years ago. 
And you’re certainly not alone.
‘Overcoming fear’ gives you almost 400 million results on Google. So many women, just like you, are struggling. And with so many options - from books to podcasts to life coaching - it can feel overwhelming to know where to begin - or what really works.
It’s impossible to sort the truth from the bullshit you see from unqualified life coaches on social media, telling you to ‘think positive’ to feel better. Convincing you the Cinderella life is worth pursuing - complete with the singing birds and Prince Charming.
Eff that!
You just want to feel happy, healthy and in control of your life. 
Sounds so simple, doesn’t it? So why the hell can’t you do it? 

What if you could start living the life you want and put yourself first without feeling guilty?


Now, I know you’ve probably heard this all before and are sick of the charlatans making it sound like you’re just not trying hard enough. 
You just need the tools that actually work. Not toxic positivity mind set tricks that keeps you stuck where you are. Instead, authentic ways of healing from your trauma, establishing better boundaries, and living a more authentic life, where you come first; that’s what you’re after. 
And there is a way to start living the life you want.
Change is scary. I know that. I’ve been where you are now, and it’s overwhelming. But do you know what’s worse? 
Looking back in twenty years and wishing you’d done the things that made you happy. 
It might sound impossible now, but there are 100s of women out there who were once in your shoes…
  • Trawling through Instagram, looking at women who've "got it all together" and comparing yourself. Telling you to say positive affirmations and manifest the life you want … just by thinking about it. You have to take the action steps to create the life you want, thought alone isn’t enough.
  • Spending money on coaches and memberships that don’t work, never making the progress they promise you’ll make. You feel just as terrible as you did at the start. Transformation? New woman? Yeah, right! You wanted actual tools to use in real life and received none.
  • Listening to experts telling you how making change takes work - but you’ve tried it all, and things are still the way they were. You feel totally disconnected and not aligned anymore. You’d love the confidence to put yourself first to build a life and relationships where you feel heard, seen and valued. 

Take Krista, for example:

She was tired of feeling terrible and wanted to jumpstart her overall mind/body health. She knew something needed to change but didn’t know what or how. 
Within a month of using the tools I’m about to share, she’d made a few simple changes to her life, losing limiting beliefs AND 30 pounds (it's all connected!). She had more energy, began sleeping better, felt more empowered, and in control of her health and happiness. And that was just the start of a huge transformation.
And she’s no exception. There are simple, yet powerful ways to make significant changes in your life without overwhelm and fear. Without feeling guilty that you’re putting yourself first for once. You can reconnect to what makes you happy and live an authentic life where you feel in total control. 
Life is too damn short to settle, so let’s do something about it. Together.   
And that’s where this membership comes in. 

Soul Sanctuary

Membership for Women


Soul Sanctuary is a monthly membership that gives you the confidence to make the changes you want to make in all aspects of your life - mind, body and spirit. To create a life in alignment and devotion to your most authentic self. 

It’s a mind/body/spiritual holistic approach that enhances self-awareness, creates emotional healing, and improves intuition so you can become the powerful woman you’re meant to be. The one you long to be. 


The Pillars of Soul Sanctuary



You’ll develop an awareness of the patterns that prevent you from moving forward. These are often behaviors or habits that keep your life on autopilot. By recognizing the triggers, you’re able to start to make changes. But you also become aware of your strengths so you can begin to identify what to do more of.

We’ll explore what psychologists believe is keeping you stuck and living within the expectations of others, which will help you move forward in alignment with who you want to become.



No doubt you’re feeling disconnected from yourself and those around you. This pillar looks at the behavior patterns of the past and triggers connected to pain and trauma. We’ll also examine your fears due to failed relationships or your career. 

Once you can identify these, you’ll discover how to re-connect with yourself, to your inner voice. How the stories you believe about yourself are connected to your childhood and aren’t true. You’ll get to know who you really are and connect to your intuition - including the little-known direct link between your gut and your brain, which leads to a greater sense of self-trust so you feel confident to make difficult decisions in the future.



Fear stops us from taking action towards a better future. Here we’ll look at ways to challenge your fears so you can face your past and integrate it into your present. Being in the present helps your mind/body/spiritual connection and moves you forward holistically. 

When you understand how energy works, you’ll have a newfound confidence in your strengths and capabilities. New job? Oh yes! A relationship that makes you happy? Hell, yeah! You’ll even learn the small change a client made to her diet that helped her lose 30lbs and have more energy throughout the day.



Now’s the time to put everything together to make those important choices. They don’t have to be giant leaps; they can be small steps. One thing at a time. You’ll also discover the secret to keeping the momentum going rather than giving up again.

We’ll work through your first steps and beyond, including:


  • Identifying unconscious patterns
  • Emotional wellness
  • Understanding the power of perspective
  • Shifting beliefs
  • Reconnecting to your intuition
  • Being your authentic self
  • Getting into alignment
  • Understanding your vibration & manifesting 
  • Stepping into your personal power
  • Practices to stay connected to yourself
  • Making changes to relationships
  • Pursuing new dreams, particularly in your career
  • Setting boundaries 


Once you’ve taken action in at least one part of your life - be it relationships, career, setting boundaries etc. you can repeat the entire process. It’s not about trying to change everything all at once, it’s about taking meaningful steps to change one area of your life before moving on to another. Goodbye, overwhelm!


So who am I to help you, exactly?




Therapist and certified coach with a degree in psychology. I’m also a spiritual mentor with the gifts of Claircognizance, Clairsentience and Clairvoyance. Basically, I have the ability to "know", "see" and feel energy.

I’ve spent twenty years working with children, families, and victims of physical, sexual, domestic and emotional abuse, giving me the experience to help you understand what’s holding you back and support you to move forward and make changes.

You see, it’s not only my clients who’ve been through traumatic experiences. I’ve been through them too. I've experienced emotional abuse in childhood, treated like the black sheep of the family. I know how past trauma can affect our future lives and the stories we tell ourselves.

I’ve also been through a recent trauma, too, living through the most painful year of my life when my relationship with my husband of 22 years fell apart. I experienced panic attacks as my anxiety went through the roof.

So I’ve been where you are — going from a planned and familiar life to not having a damn clue where I was going. Forced to take it day by day, sometimes hour by hour.

I know how scary that is. 

And it’s what drives me to help people like you. I don’t just talk the talk. I’m as real as it gets. But if you're not ready to explore yourself and really own who you are, this might not be for you.

But if you're still here, I imagine you are!

“Shannon is a daily dose of fresh air. I love how she normalizes subjects like trauma and makes them seem more digestible and relatable. The dots connect when I hear Shannon talk, I can feel she truly knows her subjects deeply and I instinctively trust her. I love how her content is broad from trauma to health to nutrition. She has become my daily dose of feel-good and I’d miss her terribly should she suddenly disappear.” 

-Rowena Fernando


It sounds great, but what does it look like in reality?


Now that you're familiar with the  four Pillars, let’s look at precisely what you’ll get as part of your monthly membership:


  • Monthly Calls
Most memberships only deal with one aspect of healing and rebuilding your life. It’s why you’ve probably only been successful for a few weeks or months when you’ve tried them. 

But in Soul, you’ll have access to classes on mind, body and spirit, so you feel happier, healthier and more confident for the rest of your life. 

Even in the face of fear. 

To do this, you’ll need practical tools that work. And this membership is full of them. I know they work because, as a therapist and coach, I’ve used them with hundreds of women to change their lives over the last 20 years.


  • Resources for the mind and body
Healing yourself from past wounds and learning to find your purpose in life isn’t just about having the right mindset or trying to look for the positives all the time. It goes much deeper than that. It’s about improving your mental wellbeing, your physical health, and spiritual health. It's all connected.  
Soul helps you do this.  
This is about real-daily life for people who want to make a difference in their life. So you’ll have access to tools used by therapists and psychologists around the world, including: 
  • Daily practices to help you reconnect to yourself, align with your inner guidance and build an unshakable knowing of who you are.
  • Workbooks with prompts to help you explore your unconscious patterns that have created obstacles preventing you from living as your truest self. You'll  increase self awareness by connecting the dots to past experiences so you can make real and lasting change.
  • Guided meditations - you may have tried meditation before and hated it. But it’s not about having no thoughts at all! It’s about letting thoughts come and go and calming your busy mind. If you’ve struggled to meditate, I’ve got you covered. I’ll guide you through it step-by-step, so you can build a meditation practice that works for you. You won’t have to find an hour a day either! A few minutes can be just as effective. 
  • Breath work - so you understand how your breath anchors you and calms your mind in times of stress. You’ll discover techniques to use when you’re anxious or worried so you feel calm and ready to face any challenges that come your way. Breath work also gives you a deeper sleep, so you’ll wake up feeling refreshed rather than lethargic. It releases stress hormones from your body and balances your blood pressure, too, so you’ll have a technique to use when your heart is racing.
  • Monthly Oracle and Tarot readings to help you connect to your intuition, provide clarity and deeper understanding of your transformation.
  • Rituals to help ground you into your highest vibration, bring you into alignment and provide a sacred space for self-care.
  • Awareness - in just a few days, you’ll notice a change in your perspective. I’ll help you look at every situation from a place of neutrality. Instead of labelling everything ‘good’ or ‘bad’, you’ll be able to see it just ‘is’. This slight shift is the beginning of seeing patterns of reactions you commonly have every damn day. And with that awareness comes control. You no longer react to an argument with your partner or your boss at work in the same way.
All the tools give you deeper insight into the patterns, behaviors and habits you’ve established over the years and how they affect your life and choices. 
  • Monthly Q and A
Surround yourself with women who feel just like you and are ready change their lives. Like you, they’re open to learning alternative ways of healing and looking at the root causes of why they’re blocked by fear.   
Each group coaching session will be led by me, therapist and coach, to offer a comprehensive approach to what it means to ‘heal’. 
From my own experience, I understand trauma and how it impacts people. I also understand the mind/body connection and how each influence the other. 
So instead of feeling stuck, unfulfilled and full of regrets, you’ll have the support you need to set meaningful, realistic goals and progress towards becoming the confident woman you want to become. 

"With Shannon’s support and guidance, I have really felt the growth within myself to really start to bloom. Since I started lisening to Shannon I’ve started to grow and level up. What I appreciate the most is her clear message, her directness, compassion and generosity…I feel less chained to what I once was and feel more liberated. I attribute it to what Shannon has gifted me, I’m very grateful.”

 -Jessica Wicks Hughes

This sounds like it’s for me, but how much does this membership cost?   


Private 1:1 sessions with a coach or therapist would set you back at least $150 - $200 dollars a month. But Soul is just $26 per month.


So for the same price as a cup of coffee twice a week, you can access this private members community that’ll help you take back control of your life. 


You’ve seen the other membership groups out there, costing hundreds of dollars per month for a fraction of the value. Promising things they can’t deliver because the person running it lacks the expertise or qualifications to give you the desired results.


But Soul Sanctuary is different.


It offers you access to a qualified coach and therapist with twenty years of experience working with women like you. Someone who’s done it and got the t-shirt for going through trauma and making changes.


You get to meet like-minded women too. Those experiencing the same anxiety, overwhelm and frustration with life as you are. And there’s nothing more powerful than a group of women ready to make their own rules and live by them, right?


Women who know they’re meant for more and are tired of living by other people’s rules and expectations. 


You get the coaching, the community and the resources for just $26 per month. And if you want to cancel? It’s simple and easy to do - at any time. No questions asked.


"What I appreciate so much about Shannon’s coaching is that she has the clinical training and background that she’s able to leverage with her own personal life experience. She shares strategies and techniques that she’s personally used for herself. Her recommendations come from a place of true authenticity!”

-Morgan Adams

It’s time for you to let go of the limiting stories you tell yourself and live the life you deserve


So are you ready?

Ready to invest in yourself and see actual results? 

I know it’s scary to make this decision. 

I know you can feel like you’re not good enough and worry about what other people will think of this new you. 

I know you’ve been let down before by coaches who’ve promised everything and delivered nothing. 

But SOUL is built from a place of understanding, empathy and no judgment. A place of experience, using all the tools I’ve used myself and with hundreds of other women.